Art and Needlework by Rebekah

Art and Needlework by Rebekah: May 2013

May 30, 2013

5/30/13: Checking In

With the month drawing to a close (can you believe it?!), I thought it was high time I stopped by and shared my "goings on." If you measure your crafting time in terms of finished objects, mine has been meager. On the other hand, if you measure using the Universal Enjoyment Meter, May has been good to me.

In case you're not in the know, my days are mainly made up of working on my family's fruit and vegetable farm here in western Michigan. I never got a chance to tell you that back in March this year I got a part-time job working in the Food Service Department at a nearby camp and so between those two jobs, crafting time has been cut back. So I leave you with that reason for lack of finished objects. But I tell you, whenever I find time to sew or knit or crochet or whatever, it feels SO GOOD. Distance makes the heart grow fonder as they say. :) And crafting may just move down a block or two soon, as summer camp is beginning in a few days and total mayhem will follow! 400 hungry kids. . . That should keep me preoccupied. Goodbye crochet hook; you won't be forgotten.

The latest about the farm. . . It has been raining so frequently here that we are struggling with getting certain crops planted. Because c'mon, how can you plant anything when you're sinking six inches down into mud? Ugh. And said mud causes farm equipment to come to a stand still. So no discing, no planting, no nothing. Latest forecast for tonight? Rain. Please pray that the rain will keeps its distance for the time being!

In the little spurts of free time I have had, I made my way to the sewing room for one goal: to sew up another pair of jeans for myself. I've been wearing my first pair to death and they are already showing signs of stress. I never did bother using flat felled seams (the traditional seam for jeans), on my first pair and this is probably the main cause of the jeans' current state. My mindset when sewing up the first pair was to make it easy to alter the fit so I made plain seams with large seam allowance just so I had wiggle room later on. Now that I know the fit is good I am confident enough to use the more durable flat felled seams. I'm also going to break out the recognizable, gold thread used on jeans and really make it look like ready-to-wear.

I came down with a cold this month so when I was stuck in bed with my box of Kleenex I watched the last two episodes of the Great British Sewing Bee. Awesome, awesome, awesome. If you are a reader of sewing blogs you already know about this show and probably watched all four episodes months ago, but hey. The one thing I always take a way from watching this program is the feeling of pride of what I do. A lot of the time I think of myself as just a home sewer that knows a lot of the basic sewing skills and who is still working her way up; gradually learning more complicated sewing skills with each project. Trepidation is normal for me and on the occasion I find myself not starting certain projects just because I never tried it before or have tried it once and didn't like how it turned out. So whenever I watched the show and saw the contestants try making something they've never done before and struggle along, I was reminded of myself. Especially when Lauren teared up in the last episode. Yeah, I do that. Sometimes I do pour my blood, sweat, and tears into a project. (When I prick my finger when hand sewing in 90 degree heat while I am mentally drained, and find tear drops rather than iron leaks on my ironing board. Been there?)

So thank you Great British Sewing Bee for making me feel better about me and my sewing.

Another thing that brought a smile to my face this month was when two nice ladies left comments on
the blog.

Geraldine has just picked up sewing again because of what she's seen on my blog. So happy that I helped rekindled a love for sewing.

and Shona told me that my invisible zipper tutorial helped her install a zip in her friends, get this, wedding dress! Wow!


Don't know when I'll be able to stop by this blog but I will definitely be reading crafting blogs throughout the summer months. Hey, if you can't craft yourself, why not read about it? So if you have a crafting blog, please share it in the comments below and I will be sure to check it out.