Art and Needlework by Rebekah

Art and Needlework by Rebekah: February 2011

Feb 26, 2011

2/26/11: By Gum, By Golly -- The Blog that Leaves Me Speechless

I just recently learned about the vintage sweater knit-along that is happening on the crafting blog, By Gum, By Golly. I don't think I will be joining this knit-along (even though the Briar Rose sweater pattern they will be using is beautiful), because of the avalanche of projects I'm doing right now. But I am absolutely going to return to her blog again and again, for her knitting instructions leave me speechless. Her latest post about resizing is answering so many questions I've had in the past!

Maybe in a few months or next year I will tackle the Briar Rose, but until then, I shall look at it from afar.


Feb 21, 2011

2/21/11: How-To's and Tutorials I Love

Just like people who adore that one knitting dictionary or that one sewing how-to book, I am an avid fan of internet tutorials. Be it done in video format or written out with big, bright photos. Oh, I do like to look up my many questions in books I own (such as The Quilter's Companion. . . That is one indispensable book of mine), but I am continually awed by the many wonderful people who take time out to produce amazing step-by-step demonstrations on their blogs, YouTube channels, and/or sharing sites.
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Feb 15, 2011

2/15/11: My Spool of Thread and Sewing Frowns

photo taken from this site

I did something a little fun today, may even goofy to some people, but I went on a sewing field trip. I moved my sewing machine, serger, and pajama project all the way over to. . . A different room in my house. "For what ever for?" you ask? Well, I was reading on Tasia's blog about a sewing shop called Spool of Thread, where people take their sewing projects and work there amidst other sewers and tons of thread and fabric! Now, I don't have anything like that shop around here but I can't help but dream about it.
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Feb 12, 2011

2/12/11: What Happened to My Crepe Dress?

photo taken from this site

Now think back to my Crepe Dress project. . . Nothing coming to you? Could be because I haven't mentioned it since the middle of December of last year. Maybe this link will help jog your memory. Just so you don't think the whole project went up in smoke, I wanted to post about it now.

I was one happy person when I had all the necessary fabric, notions, and the pattern. But my optimism slowly waned after my second muslin. I was following along with Gertie's sew-along and so I made my first muslin, tried it on, tucked and pin some areas, and transferred these changes to the pattern. After which, I made a second muslin to see if my alterations were correct. When I tried it on it appeared to me that nothing changed. The problems from the first muslin were still evident and new ones appeared. "Good grief!" I said.

I was disheartened to be sure. So I laid my Crepe Dress aside to begin working on last minute Christmas gifts and start finishing up my Acorns sweater. I felt defeated, to say the least.

Since then my perspective has changed. I think back now and say, "That was my first time making alterations like that! It isn't going to be easy." I won't be pulling out this project soon (because I am working on a pair of satin pajamas), but I will. I have all the necessary information on Gertie's blog, I just need to commit to it and brave the rough parts. So many sew-alongs have taken place--or happening right now--that I am learning a ton from just by lurking. Sew-alongs like Casey's Swing Dress, Tasia's Pendrell Blouse, and Cupcake Goddess' Burda Trousers. These blogs are answering so many of my fitting, underlining, finishing, etc. questions. Thank you ladies!

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Feb 2, 2011

2/3/11: Crochet Today in Review

Putting together my 2010 in Review post was a lot of fun so after receiving the latest issue of Crochet Today in the mail yesterday, I thought of another list. This time it will be the top ten designs from Crochet Today magazine, in my humble opinion. I own almost every issue (I'm missing only two!), so I will visit to see the designs I don't own. And I will also write down the reasons why I chose them for my top ten list. So let's start with number ten. . .
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2/2/11: Satin Pajamas #2

Photo taken from

Near the end of my previous post, I brought up my current work in progress: a set of satin pajamas for my older sister. Ever since I received some red, satin pajamas for Christmas a couple years ago, my sisters have been drooling over them! They may not keep you as warm as the flannel type, but boy oh boy, they are so luxurious. :)

I've made pajamas out of satin before so when I set out to make another for my older sister, I thought, "I did it before. . . This time should be piece-o-cake!" This preliminary spike of confidence quickly driddled.
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