Art and Needlework by Rebekah

Art and Needlework by Rebekah: August 2012

Aug 26, 2012

8/26/12: Written Instructions for the African Flower Hexagon + Progress Update

The African Flower Hexagon is a crocheted motif that was first published in an African craft magazine in 2009. It has become a favorite for crocheters all around the world and this popularity has sparked numerous translations.

Back in May I began to crochet a throw (blogged about here), using this motif pattern and I used Heidi Bear's English translation as my guide. She compiled good instructions and clear photos, but I was looking for a condensed, printable pattern that I could tote around with me. So after getting a firm base with her instructions, I spent some time compiling my own. And here it is:

African Flower Hexagon 
created by Lounette Fourie and Anita Rossouw
condensed by Rebekah Fox

Ch 5, join with sl st in first chain made.

Rnd 1: Ch 3 (regard as 1 dc now and throughout), dc in ring, ch 1, [2 dc in ring, ch 1] 5 times; join round with sl st in 3rd ch of beg dc, fasten off leaving a 4” tail. 6 groups of 2-dc and ch-1 sp.

Rnd 2: Join new color using double-overhand method. Starting at last ch-1 sp made in previous rnd, insert hook and pull up a loop, ch 3, dc in same sp, ch 1, 2 dc in same sp, [2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc] in next ch-1 sp and each ch-1 sp around; join in beg dc. 12 groups of 2-dc and ch-1 sp.

Rnd 3: Sl st in first ch-1 sp made in previous rnd. Ch 3, 6 dc in same sp, 7 dc in next ch-1 sp and each ch-1 sp around; join in beg dc, fasten off. 6 groups of 7-dc.

Rnd 4: Join new color. Insert hook in last sl st made and pull up a loop, ch 1, sc in same st, sc in next 6 dc, make an elongated dc by inserting hook between the 2 groups of 2-dc located on Rnd 2, [sc in next 7 dc, make elongated dc] 5 times; join in first sc, fasten off. 6 groups of 7-sc and elongated dc.

Rnd 5: Join new color. Starting at join of last rnd, ch 3, dc in next 3 sc, [ch 1, dc in same st, dc in next 8 sts] 5 times; ch 1, dc in same st and in next 4 sts, join in first dc. 6 groups of 9 dc and ch-1 sp.

I will add the Half Hexagon instructions as soon as I can!

And just in case you're wondering how the throw crocheting has been going. . .

June 26, 2012 state of affairs:

And August 26, 2012 progress:

It is growing at a steady pace and it has become cumbersome to travel with the full project now, so I'm just crocheting the motifs when I'm waiting on customers at the farm market and fixing supper. It is on Sunday when I join the motifs. . . It's really the perfect project for me during this time of year! Autumn will likely be my sewing season. I'm hoping anyway!

There have been so many craft-related topics I've been itching to blog about, but it is has been unbelievable around here lately! No post from me in two months shows this for sure. I cannot wait until I gain some free time; I know it's coming, I just need a little bit of patience. :)